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As part of our mission to keep children's ministry leaders up to date on all facets of their position, we conduct monthly interviews with experts in fields related to children's ministry.  These interviews are shared with our students and alumni as part of our Continuing Education Program.

We invite you to listen and learn from some of the top minds in children's ministry by clicking on the links below:

Darcie Maze: Ministry with Puppets 

Belinda Watson: Getting Children Involved in Your Ministry

Jonathan Cliff: Creating a Modern Children's Ministry Program

Kenny Conley: Child Dedication

Amy Dolan: Children's Ministry Security

Brittany Sky Stanley: Preschool Bible Activity- Garden Camp

Jamie Doyle: Visual Aids in Children's Ministry

Joe McGinnis: Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Merissa Ramantanin: Growing Mission-Hearted Children

Sam Luce: Leveraging Technology in Children's Ministry

Lori Bethran: Church Culture and Children's Ministry

Greg Baird: The 360 Children's Ministry Concept

Matt McKee: Family Ministry and Mobile Phones

Bernadette O'Shea: Avoiding Teacher Burn Out

Marty Machowski: Object Lessons

Bob Griffith: Strategic Planning in Children's Ministry

Andy Johnson: Making the Gospel Clear to Kids

Shannon Dingle: Ministering to Children with Special Needs

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones: Equipping Parents to Become Disciple-Makers

Jared Kennedy: Sharing the Gospel with Children

Matt Guevara: Reaching the Digital Learner

Dean Butterfield: Parental Involvement in Children's Ministry

Nick Blevins: Encouraging Leadership Abilities in Your Ministry Team

Mike Bradford: Keys to a Successful VBS Program

Amber Smith: Tips for Selecting a Children's Ministry Curriculum

Nicki Straza: Object Lesson for Salvation

Evan Doyle: Becoming an Effective Mentor

Andy Johnson: Budgeting and Children's Ministry

Bernadette O'Shea: Motivating Children to Experience the Bible


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