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"Can You Pass This
Classroom Management IQ Test?"


1. A child in your class is extremely over-active, unfocused, and impulsive; you suspect she may have ADHD. This student’s behavior is causing a significant distraction in your class. How should you handle the situation?

After class, quietly notify the student’s parents that you suspect their daughter has ADHD.

Isolate the student from the rest of the group so that she will not interfere with the rest of the classes learning.

Phone the student’s parents the following day to discuss the problems you are experiencing and ask them for help or suggestions.

2. You’ve found that your class is most attentive when you include active games in your lessons, allowing the children to move around the room. Which learning style does it seem your class favors?


3. Which of the following is not appropriate for 4 and 5 year olds?

Some references to Bible chronology and geography in conjunction with the lesson
Emphasis on the reality of Bible stories
Alternating periods of activity and rest in your lesson
A teacher-student ratio of 1 to 5

4. Which of the following is not always a good classroom rule?

When an adult is talking, the group must listen without talking
When a student is talking, everyone must show respect and listen
Class will end when the teacher says it’s time to go, not the clock
Everyone must keep their hands to themselves, no one is to touch something that doesn’t belong to them without permission

5. An 8 year old generally has an attention span of:

3 minutes
5 minutes
8 minutes
15 minutes

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