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"I'm More Confident And Self-Assured"

"I found the course to be very motivating and encouraging. The scenarios provided real-life examples of how to overcome common Sunday School challenges. After learning these techniques, I no longer get stressed out or worried about teaching my class.

I'm more confident and self-assured and other members of my church have even noticed! I'd highly recommend it to anyone involved in any type of children's ministry."

Gail Shepherd
Clarksville, TN


"Simple And Easy To Access"

"I can only think of one word to sum up this program: Fabulous! Loads of specific strategies for helping kids apply God's Word to their lives.

The online format was simple and easy to access, and I enjoyed the interactive activities and feedback from experts."

Lila Plaistow
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada


"Time Saving Tips That Really Worked For Me!"

"I enrolled in this program after God led me to volunteer to teach a Sunday school class at church. I had no prior teaching experience and was a bit nervous about this new commitment.

The CMA program gave me a lot of insight on how children like to learn, and the best way to teach them. The handouts and audio sessions were packed with knowledge and time-saving tips that really worked for me."

Juanita Franklin
Manchester, New Hampshire


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